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Some Celebrations You Don't Know In Different Countries

by Liang Du
Some Celebrations You Don't Know In Different Countries

Hello guys!International Workers' Day is coming,what's your plan on holidays?A good piece of news is that we have 4 holidays from this year in China,I have arranged my full plans during

In fact,in different countries,there are different celebrations.

In Japan

People will choose to start celebrations on 29th,April,last 7 days,even longer.Many restaurants, hot springs and other entertainment facilities have launched various advertisements to attract tourists before the May 1st. The price of ordinary hotels has more than doubled.Certainly,More and more Japanese will choose to travel abroad.It's same as in China,most people like going somewhere.

In Russia

There are many parades, gatherings and entertainments. Russia has always attached importance to this special festival. On the first day of May, Russia has a national holiday and holds various celebrations and mass demonstrations.

In Europe

There will be some demonstrations in Europe.In Berlin, Germany, police and anarchists clashed in the middle of the night and many people were arrested. However, thousands of union activists marched peacefully in the city. In France and Austria, people who oppose pension reform also took to the streets to participate in the parade.

Which countries are you from?Do you have International Workers' Day ?Could you please share some your interesting plans or stories with me?I'm a good listener.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you next time.

by Liang Du