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Looking Best Yarn for you

by Liang Du
Looking Best Yarn for you

Hi there.

I am glad to share my stories with my customer, Alison.

She bought our pom pom hat in Amazon and feel it really good, She contacted our Facebook and told us she wants to make a wholesale.

The pom pom she bought is consist of the angora that cost is very high. I still remember her first email up to now. She said she wants the feeling like what she bought. But she wants to lower cost.

The first try, We just consider the cost, We use the acrylic but she doesn't like it at all, It touch feeling is not soft.

So, Our product manager decided to use the covering yarn which was the first time we use. It is not only soft but also the cost is lower than the angora. We make a sample with it and Alison is very satisfied with the new materials.

I think it is the same as our life through this experience. We need to try our best to solve the problems and barriers, not give up.

And believe there is still something best is waiting for us

Now, The new Pom Pom hat is selling on her website,  We hope we can help to grow her business.



by Liang Du