As we are professional manufacturer, we work on our product’s quality and improve our products on the regular basis. We supply you with high quality goods as we understand that your seasonal timing is a priority. We provide you with competitive and attractive prices.

  • Customized products are offered: we have a powerful designer team to make your own design or to customize existing product (making your logo, embroidery, graphics etc.) 

  • We are aware of the headwear popular trends: we have experienced team to do market researches of the worlds biggest markets: North-American, European (western&southern) and we are ready to share data about resent popular trends, sales dynamics of some particular products and make you a great offer based on our researches.

  • Low MOQ & plenty of shipping methods: We take logistics seriously: we are experienced in managing export logistics as we have been selling internationally for more than 8 years: offering a lot of shipping methods considering your budget and timing, for instance: shipping to USA can take 4,7,12 or approximately 20 days (different prices)

Drop shipping service: we drop ship goods we have in stock, delivery within 4-5 days